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Hanbury-Autogil was established in 1963 by Michael Hanbury who began the engineering business from his garage. The company manufactured precision parts for a local electronics company, machining mostly in copper.

In 1972 the company moved to a larger premises in Newton Abbot, where it rapidly expanded into the hydraulics, marine & rail sector. In the peak of manufacturing through the 70's the company employed over 100 people.

When bank rates soared to extortionate levels during the 1980's, creating depressions across the manufacturing sector, the company had to diversify. A pneumatic handheld grinding tool for use in the mining industry was developed. This tool was used to sharpen the tips used on large boring heads.

In 1994, the firm continued its diversification through the acquisition of Wallis Autogil.

Today, Hanbury-Autogil is an established and well reputed business which services the engineering demands of a wide cross-section of industry. It is managed by Robert Hanbury, a dedicated and enthusiastic engineer who is proud to continue the company's prestigious reputation.

What We Do?

Located in Devon, U.K, Hanbury-Autogil has a highly experienced team and is equipped with the latest CNC machinery which is in operation 24hrs per day, guaranteeing the best possible service for our customers. We are capable of producing work to the exacting standards demanded by the Rail, Energy Conservation and Heavy Plant Industries. In particular, for the latter: electrically & hydraulically powered drive and transmission equipment used in the construction industry.

Over 45 Years Engineering Experience Combined With a Wide Range of CNC Machine Tools

The 'Autogil' range of machines has maintained a high profile in the Converting market for over 60 years.

The 'Autogil' range of machines includes Sheeters, Guillotines and Presses and was originally designed and developed to serve the Rubber & Plastics Industries. However, it soon became evident that many more industries could benefit from their installation.

Now there are a large variety of industries and applications throughout the world using Autogil machines where their introduction has shown considerable savings in production costs.

With the engineering skills at its disposal, Hanbury Autogil has the ability to offer 'system solutions' backed up by a full time mechanical and electrical design team who constantly assess customer needs and requirements.


At Hanbury-Autogil our core objective is to ensure that at all stages of production, from planning and design to machine installation and commissioning, we are centred entirely upon our customer's needs.

We have an unparalleled determination to pursue an exceptional level of quality, whilst continuing to provide a product which is affordable and that matches or raises specification.

Having operated in the precision and production engineering industry for nearly fifty years, Hanbury-Autogil has a wealth of expertise and talent which guarantees our offering.