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The sole provider of the tried and trusted Autogil range of Machines.

Manufacturers of Special Purpose Machines

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The tried and trusted range of 'Autogil' machines has been established under the 'Autogil' name for over 60 years.

The Hanbury-Autogil range of cutting systems includes:

Each machine in the range has an integral feeding mechanism which is capable of automatically indexing the material, from a reel or sheet, to a pre-determined length. Furthermore, the machines can all be equipped with an ability to 'Cut to Mark' or 'Register' for 'Pre-Printed' material.

Our engineered systems span a wide cross-section of industry and we have expertise in working with many different materials. These include: Papers, Films, PTFE, PET (Plastics), Rubber, Polyester, PVC, Card, Fibres, Engineered Foam, Cork, Metals, Siliconised Steel.

So whether you need a dedicated cutting system or stock machine, at Hanbury-Autogil we can provide a solution to solve all of your Converting and Processing needs.

Autogil Machines