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Plastics, Foils and Coated Films

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Autogil Coating LineIMAGES

Coating Line - Anilox Coating Unit and 700HSC Sheeter

An unwind feeds a polyimide film through an Anilox adhesive roller coating system. The material then passes into an oven at around 150 degrees Celsius where its residence time is controlled by an array of rollers. After passing through a cooling tower the material is fed into a 700mm sheeter where it is cut to length.

Model 101 Press with Dedicated Male/Female ToolingIMAGES

M101 Press with Dedicated Male/Female Tooling

This press system is compact in design, with a closed loop control system. This facilitated the ease of introduction into the existing extrusion line. Through careful consideration given in design to the feed system and tooling, we were able to increase their existing line speed by 300%.

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