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The High Speed Cutting (HSC) Range

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Hanbury-Autogil launched the HSC range of precision sheeting systems in 2009, following 3 years in development. The original tried and trusted range of Autogil Sheeting/Guillotine heads has been used widely across many industries since the early 1940's. Rob Hanbury (Managing Director of Hanbury-Autogil) states "It was very important not to lose aspects of the machine that made the original Autogil's so successful over so many years".

We have now completed our 50th systems, which encompass a highly versatile and very precise shear cutting mechanism. The new range not only includes all the tried and trusted features, but also benefits from modern technologies and a streamlined modular design.

The rigid blade configuration combined with its unique shearing angle enables a wide cross-section of material to be cut. These include: Papers, Films, PTFE, PET (Plastics), Rubber, Polyester, PVC, Card, Fibres, Foam, Cork, Metals, Siliconised Steel.

Furthermore, sealed radial bearings are used on all running parts, offering; greater precision, enhanced blade life, higher production speeds, lower maintenance costs and a suitability for clean room environments. This adaptable machine can be equipped with either an integral crank operated feed mechanism or a fully computerised control and drive system (Type 'CC'). In addition, all the machines can be easily equipped with a slitting station.

As part of the standard design a feed roller assembly is incorporated to automatically index the material to an accurate and infinitely variable cut length. Using a servo drive and a dedicated web management system we can obtain length accuracy of +/- 0.005mm.

The compact modular design enables these machines to be easily incorporated into existing or new production lines across a wide range of applications in varying industries. These complete systems take full advantage of the flexibility delivered by the HSC range. Furthermore, Hanbury-Autogil offers a complete in-house solution which delivers a distinct advantage over their competitors. Design, Fabrication, Component Manufacture, Assembly and Commissioning are all undertaken under one roof. This facilitates the highest level of symmetry across all stages of production and ensures an exceptional level of quality down to the finest intricacies of the system. More broadly speaking, this unique competitive advantage permits them to be particularly responsive to any changes in specification that their customers may require beyond the initial design stage.

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