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The Autogil range of Sheeter & Cutting Machines encompasses a highly versatile and very precise shear cutting mechanism. This action enables a diverse cross-section of materials to be cut.

As part of the standard design, a feed roller assembly is incorporated to automatically index the material to an accurate and infinitely variable cut length.
Using servo drive and a dedicated web management system length accuracy of +/- 0.070mm can be achieved. Sheeter Machines can also be manufactured to specific widths to suit diverse applications.

The company has gained many years of experience cutting a diverse range of material from 8-micron fibre ropes used in the manufacture of medical dressings, up to 25mm thick engineered foams.

Other materials include: Papers, Films, PTFE, PET (Plastics), Rubber, Polyester, PVC, Card, Fibres, Foam, Cork, Metals, Siliconised Steel.
Hanbury-Autogil are manufacturers of their own range of machine sections such as:

• Unwinds/De-Coilers
• Web Management
• Laminating (Hot & Cold)
• Slitting Stations
• Punching
• Conveyor/Stacking Systems

“If you are cutting by hand and want to automate the process then Autogil can provide a solution to suit your application and budget”

600HSC2 Precision Engineered Sheeters

Being the smallest in the standard range of sheeters, it is compact and modular with integrated servo driven nip roll assembly, used to index material to length.
  • 150Per Minute
  • 600mm
  • 0.070mm +/-
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1000HSC2 Precision Engineered Sheeters

One of the most popular sizes of Sheeter, it retains a compact construction incorporating a rigid blade assembly, which combined with a unique shearing angle enables it to cut tough material with a precise & clean edge.
  • 150Per Minute
  • 1000mm
  • 0.070mm +/-
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1500HSC2 Precision Engineered Sheeters

This widest in the standard range of sheeters, it is precision engineered to maintain an excellent shear cut across it's full width. A modular servo driven nip roll assembly, used to index mateterial to length.
  • 150Per Minute
  • 1500mm
  • 0.075mm +/-
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