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Auto Coiling System - Special Purpose Machine


The company in this case study manufactures innovative insulation for sustainable equipment for use in a range of sectors including trains, wind turbines and pipelines. The project: Auto Coiling System.


The material is a flexible, lightweight PE tubing.



The tubing shown in the photos is insulative tubing used in sports stadiums for transporting soft drinks to refreshment bars.

Project Brief

To design and manufacture a Special Purpose dedicated twin station automatic coiling and taping system -Auto Coiling System-.

Machine overview

Material is fed into the machine via a conveyor. The material is produced in an extruding line already installed at the customer’s site. The extruded material is fed along the conveyor in certain pre-determined cut lengths. The Coiling Line automatically converts the extruded material into a taped coil which then rolls down the outfeed ready for the operator to collect and package.


We built a machine for this company to fit a special purpose. Originally this company had 2 people stood at the end of their extrusion line coiling the product by hand. We automated this process by using sensors mounted on each coiling head to pick up the leading end of the coil as it exited their extrusion line. Once the hose is coiled, tape is automatically applied and the pins holding the product retract, sending the taped diameter down the delivery chute.

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Basic Performance

  • 19.0 - 11.5m Per Minute
  • 35 - 95mm
  • 20-30 Secs (Inc. Taping)

Typical Production Rates

  • 20.8m (+/- 0.15m)
  • 37.2m Per Minute
  • 29.0 - 60.5mm

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