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M1500HSC2 with Fully Automated Stacking and Delivery System


The company in this case study is a leading global medical technology and life sciences company, helping improve the outcomes for professional healthcare providers worldwide.


The material is a glass impregnated fibre paper.



The paper shown in the photos is used as blotting/filter paper for laboratory testing.


Project Brief

To design and manufacture a shear cutting system with automatic stacking and product delivery.

Machine overview

The material is fed into the M1500HSC2 sheeting head from a driven unwind system. Before reaching the sheer cut the material is passed through multiple rollers and an accumulator to keep the correct amount of tension in the path this is part of the web management. Multiple slitting (slitter) knives are provided to offer complete flexibility to cut in different ways.

The machine is fitted with 2 optional delivery systems. The first is a conveyor allowing the operator to unload material manually. The second is a fully automatic self stacking conveyor. The conveyor bed lowers itself gradually to allow the material to stack when shorter pieces are being cut. When longer paces are being cut a pick and place system which automatically stacks into batches directly onto a pallet.


This machine is based around one of our standard machines, Model 15000HSC2. Space saving was a factor to keep in mind when designing the machine, leading to reel loading from above.

Basic Performance

  • +/- 0.5 - 3mm
  • 1500mm
  • 1000mm

Typical Production Rates

  • 40 Cuts/Min
  • 17.5 Cuts/Min
  • 12 Cuts/Min

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