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Laser Tech with IP

A recent key laser technology project for Hanbury-Autogil was working with foils – stencils for the electronics industry. The laser cutting machine that Hanbury-Autogil fully designed and built took the material from coil, proceeded to cut and conveyed to stack as a finished sheet product. The machine was so advanced in innovation that there are several patents lodged with regard to machine design and process that are unique to the way that we design and build our machines.

Hanbury-Autogil can design and manufacture full laser cutting machines encompassing both C02 & Fibre sources.

Our laser cutting machines are situated laser throughout the globe. We can integrate any laser cutting or stamping technology with your converting process, working with a multitude of different products and applications and in various sectors including those that stipulate stringent working environments such as medical and aerospace.

The 3-axis gantries are their own design and manufacture. They can be provided at various grades to meet the demands of the application. Autogil machines can operate at micron level position accuracy with very dynamic move speeds, achieved through linear motors – Diverse sizes of beds can be provided to suit your needs.

Bolstered by a wealth of knowledge in web management, Hanbury-Autogil specialises in roll or coil fed application through to finished sheet, roll or component.

To complement the Flat-bed die-cutting range, Hanbury-Autogil specialises in providing reel to reel systems exchanging the die-cutting head for a laser cutting system for contactless/toolless cutting.

The high cutting depth accuracy and consistency demanded from the most complex of kiss-cutting applications can be achieved.

Multistage lines embracing both cutting technologies can be offered.

As a critical element to any laser system, the fume and waste extractions systems are designed and manufactured in-house to meet the exacting needs of the application and materials. LEV testing is completed to ensure conformance to COSHH Regulation 9 and HSE guidance. External air monitoring tests are completed as required to ensure exposure levels to hazardous particles are eliminated.

Expert Machine Builders:

  • Large range of substrate experience
  • Reel to reel or single sheet
  • Combined Thru’ Cut and Kiss-Cut applications
  • Dedicated cutting area – to suit the application
  • High profile cut speed
  • On-the-fly cutting – oversize format cutting – longer than bed length
  • Cut to register capability – pre-printed or pre-cut features
  • Twin feed roll nips – servo driven – pre and post laser
  • Automatic control of PWM (laser power) – dependent profile cut speed/acceleration
  • Full recipe control
  • X & Y Off-Set feature – quick adjustment of profile position – during set-up or whilst running
  • A comprehensive range of manual operations – to aid operator or engineer whilst running or during routine maintenance/setting
  • CAD to motion software – quick file transfer
  • Custom input roll and finished roll configurations
  • In-line lamination and bonding – hot or cold – option
  • In-line slitting – razor, crush or shear – option
  • Waste or finished product extract conveyor – positive air eject
  • User-friendly interface – CAD file templates – quick file creation
  • Local storage of files on integrated SD card – capacity in excess of 1,000 files
  • Systems specified complete with fully integrated chiller and extraction devices
  • Full integration for SPM projects – modular multistage systems
  • Remote communication for complete technical support

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