Manufactured in Devon, England, used Worldwide the Hanbury-Autogil converting machines process a wide range of materials and thin substrates for pharmaceutical and medical products, industrial goods, consumer care products and the food industry.  We also work with a range of materials for the aerospace, automotive including converting machines for plastics, foams, tapes, papers, metals and foils.  Our converting machinery is found worldwide producing a variety of products including the following materials and end products:


  • Transdermal Patches
  • Epidermal Devices
  • Plastic and PTFE
  • Metals
  • Electrodes (EKG, ECG and TENS)
  • Dental Strips
  • Transparent Film Dressings (TFDs)
  • Wound Care Dressings (wet and dry)
  • Surgical Grounding Electrodes
  • Oral Thin Film Strips (OTFs)
  • Diagnostic Test Strips
  • Tapes / 3M Tapes
  • Medical Dressings
  • Materials for Construction
  • Filters
  • Wire and Mesh
  • Membrane Electrode Assemblies (MEAs)
  • Folded Paper Products

Custom Material / Web Converting Machines

Hanbury-Autogil designs and builds custom converting machines for highly complex and novel web and material converting applications.  Our converting machines are built to fulfill your precise specifications. We provide high performance  converting solutions using every tool at our disposal—innovative technologies, industry best-practices and proven designs.


Modular Converting Machines

Our years of building custom converting machines has inspired the development of modular converting equipment and technologies to suit a broad range of customer applications.  Our modular designs are used to shape and guide NEW machine builds, but we never limit future functionality and flexibility.

Converting Machine

Autogil Converting Machines-1
Converting Machines for all Materials

Converting Machine

600HSC2 - Sheeter 1

Converting Machine

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