Hanbury-Autogil can service, refurbish and upgrade your old machines. If your machine is badly worn and not performing to the required level, we can undertake a full mechanical refurbishment to bring it up to a new standard. Perhaps you have an old EL batch counter which has failed or the electrical control hardware has become impossible to support due to obsolescence? Simply return the machine to our factory and we can bring your machine up to the latest EN ISO standard for both general build and safety! Check out some of our projects and let us breathe a new life into your old machine.

Mechanical Upgrades

General Service to Full Refurbishment

We can give your old Autogil a new lease of life by giving it a mechanical service or provide a full refurbishment.

Whether we need to focus a specific budget on a failing assembly on your machine or complete a full strip-down, leading to the inspection of parts requiring replacement, cleaning and re-build, all machines are finally tested before sending it on it’s way.

Prices from                                                                                                                            £850


We can bead blast and powder coat your machine to having it looking brand new!

Machines will be painted to standard light grey (or to your Companies standard)

Prices from                                                                                                                            £525

Ball Joint Housing Assembly Upgrade

The ball joint housing on any HDP made before 2020 will become obsolete soon, so we recommend upgrading this assembly with lots of benefits.

The new parts allow for;

  • Better lubrication due to the direct porting and containmen.t
  • Improved encapsulation of the adjusting ball, allowing a tighter cutting depth/kiss cut to be achieved.
  • Finer graduated scale (10 micron increments).
  • Enhanced wear for prolonged life of parts.

Price from                                                                                                                           £1,600

Control System and Machine Safety Upgrades

Control System and Machine Safety Upgrades

Along with a full mechanical refurbishment we can also upgrade/replace your machine’s old control system and manufacture new safety guards to meet the latest EN ISO standards.

We can offer a range of control system upgrades from mirroring the existing machines functions (stop/stop, variable speed, batch count & feed multiplier) to the latest servo driven systems, which feature a touch screen HMI and can adopt the most up to date control philosophy.

A remote access module is a great addition enabling diagnostics off-site and capability of remotely changing machine PLC code, drive parameters and HMI screens, so machines can be fully optimised.

Upgrades can also include renovation to the machine frame, infill panels, improved cable management and improvements to material/web transport into and delivery of cut product .

All complete systems will be built to the latest EN ISO standards, so you can be comfortable that the machine meets critical safety standards.

Depending on your chosen level of service, upgraded machines can be issued with 12 months hardware warranty.


Prices from                                                                                                                     £5,450

Touch Screen Control – Servo Drive 

In most cases, no matter what type or age of machine we are able to upgrade the control & drive system to servo with colour touch screen HMI.

This eliminates a significant number of wear parts, which includes; the feed crank arm, rack, clutch and all associated parts.

Typical touch screen control functions, include: –

  • Manual mode – jogging machine elements
  • Job-set screen – cut length, batch, cut rate, ramp rates etc….
  • Engineering screens – parameters – password protected
  • Diagnostics, alarm, service/maintenance screens

Prices from                                                                                                                     £12,250

Direct Drive Upgrade 

We can bring your Autogil machine up to date with the latest control philosophy, in line with our new HDP and HSC2 servo driven ranges.

The direct drive upgrades eliminates the use of the dog clutch and the eccentric brake, reducing the money spent on wear parts. This upgrade includes a touch screen HMI panel with functions listed above.

Benefits of direct drive upgrade

  • Smoother and quieter operation due to elimination of wear parts- reducing down-time, maintenance time and costs.
  • Improved safety function due to top blade carriage being held by braked motor.
  • Enhanced machine control per the latest specification.

Prices from                                                                                                                     £3,500*

*Additional to price listed above for Touch Screen – Servo Drive

Remote Connectivity 

A remote access module is a great addition enabling diagnostics off-site and capability of remotely changing machine PLC code, drive parameters and HMI screens, so machines can be fully optimised.

Prices from                                                                                                    £650

Remote connectivity

EL Batch Counter & Feed Multiplier Replacement

The original ‘EL’ batch counter & feed multiplier is now obsolete and we are no longer able to repair this item, however we have several upgrades available from replacing the basic function with a 2 counter control mounted within a small enclosure or offering a completely new control system meeting all the up to the latest EN ISO standards.


Prices from                                                                                                                     £850

Obsolete control system or hardware?

Along with refurbishment of our own Autogil machinery, we have worked on several projects bringing other manufacturers machinery with obsolete hardware and control systems up to current standards.



Case Study- Sachet Machine Refurbishment





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