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What We Do

Located in Devon, United Kingdom (UK), Hanbury-Autogil has a highly experienced team of designers and engineers with expertise across multiple industries. The team at Hanbury-Autogil can solve complex manufacturing requirements either through the supply of precision components or the design and manufacture of converting, laser, rotary and flatbed presses and cutting machines.

The combination of a highly experienced team, in-house design and manufacture and the latest machine tools result in the ability to meet and surpass the expectations of clients, consistently.

The Company prides itself in being able to service the machine demands of large-scale OEM’s operating in industries which include:

  • Rail Network
  • Transport
  • Automotive
  • Medical
  • Aerospace
  • FMCG
  • Electronics
  • Consumer
  • Construction

The company operates over a 2-shift pattern – delivering high-quality parts to the exact specification of clients. The Hanbury-Autogil machine shop produces key precision parts for the internally designed machines, this enables quality control and is a fundamental part of maintaining an extremely high level of production. Significant growth has occurred due to our increase in capacity and now the exacting standards demanded by the pharmaceutical, rail and heavy plant industries are being consistently met – Especially the electrically and hydraulically powered drive and transmission equipment used in the construction industry.

The ‘Autogil’ range of cutting machines includes Sheeters, Flat-Bed Die Cutters, Laser Cutting Systems, Converting Machines and Special Purpose Machines.

Now there are a large variety of industries and applications throughout the world using Hanbury-Autogil cutting machines where their introduction has shown considerable savings in production costs.

Furthermore, Hanbury-Autogil offers a complete in-house solution which delivers a distinct advantage over their competitors. Design, Fabrication, Component Manufacture, Assembly, Commissioning and After Care are all undertaken under one roof. Therefore facilitating the highest level of symmetry across all stages of production and ensures an exceptional level of quality down to the finest intricacies of the system.

More broadly speaking, this unique competitive advantage permits them to be particularly responsive to any changes in the specification that their customers may require beyond the initial design stage.

Company History

Hanbury-Autogil was established in 1963 by Michael Hanbury, operating from a small industrial unit in Torquay, Devon. Initially, the company was mainly focused on manufacturing precision parts for a local electronics company.

(1972) Expansion
In 1972 the company moved to a larger premise in Newton Abbot, where it rapidly expanded into the hydraulics, marine & rail sector. In the peak of manufacturing through the 70’s the company employed over 100 people.

Diversification (1980’s)
When bank rates soared to extortionate levels during the 1980’s, creating depressions across the manufacturing sector, the company had to diversify. A pneumatic handheld grinding tool for use in the mining industry was developed. This tool was used to sharpen the tips used on large boring heads.

(1994) Accession
In 1994, the firm continued its diversification on through the accession of Wallis Autogil. During this period, Rob Hanbury joined the Company.

Michael Hanbury, unfortunately, passed away in October 1997. Following a challenging initial period for the Company, which came about following the loss of its most significant customer, due to the closure of a local manufacturing site and relocation overseas, the Company has been able to refocus on the historical core business and development of the Autogil range of cutting machines.

(1997 – Current)
Over the past 20 Years, the Company has been committed to introduce new life into its workforce and develop the skill base to encompass many different fields. The company is proud of being able to complement new and fresh ideas with the balance of input from time-served engineers.

This year, the company reaches 55 years in operation and is more ambitious than ever before. With a global approach and innovative nature, Hanbury-Autogil is very excited for the future!

History of Premises & the Future

The premise is steeped in history and prior to it being broken down in smaller industrial unit, it operated as Wool Mill, with some parts of the buildings dating back to the early1700’s.

Raw materials were delivered both by the local and South West Farming community. At the time the farmers’ fields were literally on the door-step. The boiler house formed the epicentre of the Mill. Water was provided directly by the River Lemon to feed the various processes and for steam power to the machines. The Mill would process the wool from the start of the process using its washing and degreasing plant located directly behind the boiler house. Wool could be treated, dyed and ultimately used to make woollen balls and garments.

When the Company acquired the part of the old Mill premises in 1972, what followed was a massive clearing out process of old equipment and ducting before the building could become suitable to house machine tools and the personnel to operate them.

Even though this premise has formed part of the Companies 55 Year history so far, it must now look forward to the future. The Company continues to grow and develop new technology, which is not in keeping with the building’s age, entering an exciting phase which is aimed to be completed by 2020. Their goal is to move into a new dedicated building which is fit for purpose and will allow the Company to fulfil its full potential into the future.

Hanbury-Autogil - Early 1900s before the company started

Outside Building Early 1900’s

Hanbury-Autogil - 1970

Aerial View in 1970

Hanbury-Autogil Offices- The hub of design and build of converting and cutting machines



Hanbury-Autogil is very proud of its age demographic as it continues to marry up age and experience with the enthusiasm and ideas which can be derived from youth.

They invest heavily in apprenticeships within all aspects of the Company – this is to ensure that knowledge can be passed and that the Company can grow organically whilst knowing that it will have the keys skills at its fingertips to deliver the best possible products and services to customers.

To date, the Company has added significant value to the ’Autogil’ brand by completely evolving the standard range of machines, so that it matches or surpasses the build quality and performance of any of its Competitors. As well as ’Autogil’ being synonymous historically with Sheeters and Flat-Bed Die Cutting Presses, they have now embraced laser technology which is seen as an important element to the Company’s future. ‘Autogil’ is also becoming reputed by its customers across industries for designing and building bespoke automation solving complex production needs.

The in-house Precision Engineering service is very established and considered the backbone of the business. Hanbury-Autogil will continue to invest in equipment and skills to ensure it remains the preferred supplier to the reputed blue-chip companies worked alongside.

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“They (Hanbury-Autogil) offer a rare combination of old-school customer service and professional standards mixed with a fresh and modern approach to problem-solving. On many occasions, we have needed them to come up with an engineering solution quickly and usually without much notice. This challenge has always been met successfully and with a very positive attitude.”

“During our ten plus years of history, I have learned that Hanbury-Autogil can be depended on to meet deadlines and that all of our projects are treated with commitment and honesty.”

Director, AEP Ltd.

“We have purchased a few machines from Hanbury-Autogil over the years, the latest one being this year (2013). All the equipment has been special purpose machinery to suit our rather unique processes. This has always posed a challenge and I am able to say that Hanbury has always succeeded by supplying high-quality equipment that can solve the problem. In the case of the last machine, Hanbury was the only company out of several approached that was willing to accept the challenge. With all special purpose machinery, there are “teething/bedding in” issues and Hanbury have always offered a first class service in addressing these issues.”

Project Manager, Hellermann Tyton Group PLC.

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