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Overview- Precision Engineering

Hanbury-Autogil has been the hub for precision engineering in Devon and the throughout the UK providing a sub-contract machining service to an array of large Manufacturing Companies for over 50 Years. From this wealth of experience, Companies can be assured that the highest level of quality and technical support will be received.

Our machine shop also supplies the manufacture of the Autogil range of Cutting Machines.

“Ensuring the highest standards using the most efficient and effective machining methods”

It is the wide range of machines, highly skilled workforce, and other precision engineering capabilities that allow Hanbury-Autogil to meet all the major requirements customers have– from raw material supply to the finished, machined, heat-treated and plated components.

The designated Inspection area allows Hanbury-Autogil’s team of inspectors to thoroughly examine the machined parts to ensure complete compliance with customers’ requirements. Hanbury-Autogil is capable of the production of a one-off prototype to small-medium batch work.

Some of the capabilities include:

  • CNC Turning
  • CNC Milling
  • Surface Grinding
  • Cylindrical Grinding
  • Welding
  • Tool Room Machining


It has been due to the sole focus on providing correct solutions consistently that results in the ongoing growth of trust between the Company and its customers. This has resulted in Hanbury-Autogil needing to now run a Two-Shift Workday. The precision engineering Machine Shop now operates almost 24 hours a day with an array of clients locally in Devon and across the United Kingdom.

Their ability to run a Two-Shift workday and the range of machinery allows the company to accommodate and face demanding delivery challenges experienced by customers, consistently.

The Philosophy of Excellence has been recognised across the range of customers around the world which has rapidly contributed to advancements in demand through recommendations.


In today’s fast-moving market, the cost of discrepancies is high. Therefore, the emphasis is also highly put on consistency. The unchanging high quality of machined parts ensures current customers have confidence in the Company’s proficiency.

Hanbury-Autogil was also one of the very first companies in the South West of England to become fully ISO9001:2015 Accredited, further building trust of its capabilities.

Fully Traceable Components

The sourcing process of components is one that Hanbury-Autogil have been involved in for decades and traceability of these materials has always been valued by customers; from the sourcing of rare materials to the final fully certified component.

The Product Validation Plan (PVP) and Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) are encircled within the complete Hanbury-Autogil manufacturing procedure.

Customer Support

The proactive and helpful nature of the Hanbury-Autogil team offers customers support before, during and after every enquiry and order. With the developments of technology, support can be offered from Hanbury-Autogil HQ to all corners of the world via telephone, email, webcam and video call.

Whatever the unexpected challenges customers face, Hanbury-Autogil has the aptitude, proficiency and resources to provide solutions.

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Quality & Inspection

Quality & Inspection-1
Quality & Inspection-2
Quality & Inspection-3

Due to the CNC precision engineering activities and other practices, the Hanbury-Autogil workforce has gone through extensive training in areas such as:

  • Machining techniques
  • Print Identification/tolerance
  • CNC control/programming

This training and the emphasis on delivering quality consistently results in a confident team with a focused approach to detail. The Philosophy of Excellence is embraced across all levels of the company and is proud of their global reach.

As a precision engineering company, Hanbury-Autogil has the equipment to provide customers with documented inspection results in the form of a Certificate of Inspection which further enforces the mentality to strive for excellence.

The full-time inspectors who are part of the proficient Hanbury-Autogil workforce, inspect thoroughly to meet the requirements and expectations of customers. As a team, “First off”, “Patrol” and “Final” inspections are regularly performed.

The extensive range of both manual measuring equipment and computer controlled coordinate measure machines (CMM) warrant that the complete precision part engineering process has quality from the original concept to delivery of parts.

All critical machines & inspection equipment is calibrated on a routine basis to ensure the precision required.

Our Precision Engineering Capacity

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