Critical Spare parts list are included in the ‘Tech Folders’ of any new machine purchased to inform customers of the key machine parts as well as important long lead items. This allows customers to put spare parts to one side in case of faults, which can be fitted by them or Hanbury-Autogil engineers.


Unexpected machine downtime is never welcomed. Thankfully, preventative actions can be carried out to minimize this from happening.
Many of the customers opt-in to have Service Agreements which allow trained engineers to perform on-site services of the machines.
This ensures that the machines are in the best possible condition for the ongoing production of customers.


Do you have one of the many Autogil machines that has been manufactured since the 1940’s? Does it need bringing back to life?
Hanbury-Autogil has a large number of stock components to service the machines of all ages. Servicing and full refurbishments can be offered across the range, including repair, replacement and updates to the guard system.


Upgrades to existing machines are available in the form of the latest drives and controls with touchscreen interface for example.
One of the machine upgrades that has been popular since the launch of the HSC2 Series, is the Direct Drive Upgrade on the HSC machines. This removes many of the wear and tear parts such as the dog clutch mechanism and caliper brake.

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