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Model 600HSC2- Special Purpose


The company in this case study is a global supplier of high quality, technically proven Butyl tapes.


Butyl, synthetic rubber.



Butyl tapes can be used as a sealant in many markets such as building and vehicle construction. Used for sealing roofing, as a seal/insulator for air, dust, sound or water.

Project Brief

To design and manufacture a sheeting system to deal with a difficult to handle material.

Machine overview

The company’s existing extruder lays the material onto our carrier. From here the material is hauled off using a vacuum conveyor and fed into an accumulator. Back tension is created using a braked roller and nip feeding system where the material is fed between rollers to be laminated. Our 600HSC2 cutting head cuts the material into sheets before being presented onto a stacking conveyor to be packed by the handler.


Basic Performance

  • 3.0 - 10.0m Per Minute
  • 500mm

Typical Production Rates

  • 150 Cuts/Min
  • 120 Cuts/Min
  • 90 Cuts/Min

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