Sheeters, Die-Cutters, Laser, Special Purpose and Converting Machines

The Autogil range of flat-bed die cutters (presses) a highly versatile, robust and very precise.

The machine can be used with convention-al rule knife cutting tools or engineered special purpose tooling can be designed and manufactured for your application.

Cutting depth is accurately adjusted using a very fine pitched ball joint assembly, ensuring a consistent kiss-cut is achieved and maintained onto the thinnest of back-ing liners.

Outline Specification

  • Steel box section frame with cover panels, mounted on adjustable jacking feet or castors
  • Ground main base plate – mounting for all assemblies
  • 4 Outer press pillars – linear bearing slides (precision ground hardened) + stand-off
  • Side beams (L/H + R/H) c/w main shaft bearings
  • Heavy duty main shaft & eccentric cams (x4) c/w sealed bearing
  • Connecting rods (x4) c/w insert, fine adjusters & housing
  • Heavy duty flywheel
  • High grade bearing units through-out
  • Cam operated blade movement

Press Tool:

  • Precision ground bed plate – hardened & high finish – interchangeable kiss cut plate
  • Precision ground top moving press plate
  • Pneumatic tool clamp rails: 470 x 420mm tool base
  • Precision press bearings (x4) – ball bushed bearings & precision ground guide pillars
  • Geared motor & flywheel options for variable cutting force
  • Main shaft encoder – cutting axis monitoring
  • Servo driven feed roll nip assembly – 100mm ΓΈ Rubber Covered Rollers
  • Fully interlocked safety guard – polycarbonate vision panel and gull-wing access doors
  • Tool safety anti-drop collar and sensor
  • IP rated electrical enclosure – mounted to frame
  • Dual channel Safety Circuit with Relay & Emergency Stops
  • Engraved Control Panel
  • Low Voltage Control Circuit
  • Touch Screen Colour HMI

The Machine will be CE Marked and is designed to conform to EMC & RFI requirements.

Basic Performance

  • 150 Per Minute
  • 400(W) x (D) 400mm
  • 0.070mm +/-
  • 0.025mm +/-

Typical Production Rates

  • 150 Cuts/Min
  • 120 Cuts/Min
  • 100 Cuts/Min
  • 80 Cuts/Min
  • 40 Per Minute
  • 30 Cuts/Min
  • 20 Cuts/Min
  • 10 Cuts/Min

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Basic Specification

  • 150Per Minute
  • 0mm
  • 0.070mm +/-
  • 400 x 400mm
  • 0.025mm +/-

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